Plugsurfing vouchers for EV charging from &Charge


Plugsurfing announced a cooperation with the eMobility-Startup &Charge. The app from &Charge enables customers in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands to buy online and offline from partners and receive as a bonus free “kilometers” to redeem with traction power providers.

Through the partnership with Plugsurfing, &Charge customers now have the opportunity to redeem their collected “kilometers” at charging points throughout Europe. The start-up was founded at the end of 2019 and has been building its business since January. The core business is to focus on services for sustainable mobility concepts. “Plugsurfing is a pioneer in the field of E-Mobilityand has been an early advocate of pan-European roaming and easy, customer-friendly access to the charging infrastructure,” says Eugen Letkemann, founder and CEO of &Charge. “This is exactly where our platform comes in, providing valuable value-added services that significantly enrich the EV driver’scustomer journey.Accordingly, we are bundling our strengths and complement each other very well in this partnership”.

The above-mentioned offer is essentially a loyalty program with which &Charge rewards purchases made through its partner shops – from shoes and everyday goods to hotel bookings – in the form of mileage credit. This credit can be used for the free public shop as well as for a variety of free mobility trips, explains the start-up.

In addition to the voucher program, customers of Plugsurfing will be able to use &Charge to offset their CO2 emissions while charging. Each charging process will then automatically be made climate neutral. According to Adam Woolway, co-founder of Plugsurfing, it is clear that electric car drivers are expecting more and more from their traction power providers: “This is both in terms of the value that they get for their euro, and deeper assurances that their mode of transport is as green as it can be. Together with &Charge, we can strengthen our core principles of making car charging easy, affordable and carbon neutral.”

During the course of the year, both partners are planning a deeper technical integration in order to develop additional functions. These should help to reduce the operating costs of electric cars, strengthen the community spirit and display activities near charging stations.,


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