Jul 20, 2020 - 11:54 am

Rest in peace: CHAdeMO eulogy (video)


Now that Nissan has switched to CCS from CHAdeMO for its new electric model Ariya, a Youtuber has decided that it is time to say goodbye to the Japanese fast-charging standard with an appropriate mourning ceremony – a (humorous) Haiku eulogy.

Haiku is the art of very short verses and such tribute seems indeed appropriate for a charging standard that has dominated the Asian market and made it onto the oversea scene a decade ago. Youtube channel ecodweed acknowledges CHAdeMO’s influence – the legacy will likely be shorter, now that Nissan changed to CCS for the Ariya SUV in Europe and China is moving fast ahead with the high-powered Chaoji standard.

Below a few lines of the eulogy. We also love the attention to detail when respectfully putting the plug to rest in its wall box.

“Dear beloved (…), the port-war now ends. Sweet, sweet ChaDeMo, born just a decade ago, gone from us too soon, without your vision, EVs wouldn’t be where they are.”




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Found on electrive.com
20.07.2020 11:18