Jul 22, 2020 - 11:31 am

VW offers modular full service leasing for the ID.3

Volkswagen Financial Services has created a special full-service leasing arrangement to support the advance sales of the ID.3 electric model. The “Lease&Care” package solution is designed to offer ID.3 to private customers and business customers at transparent and calculable costs.

Within the scope of the offer, customers can choose one of three packages. The three packages are simply named as in regular clothing sizes S, M and L. Package S includes the costs for regular maintenance and the usual inspections. Package M still covers the costs for essential wear parts – VWFS mentions windscreen wipers in the corresponding press release and, probably somewhat unusually for electric cars, brake pads as an example – while package L also includes complete winter wheel and tire sets.

Although VWFS refrained from laying out the exact costs for the three packages in the press release, the company provided an exemplary leasing calculation. An ID.3 Pro Performance with a net price of 27,515 euros can be leased for 270 euros per month with a down payment of 6,000 euros (i.e. in Germany, this is the amount of the federal government’s share of the Environmental Bonus) and 10,000 kilometres per year with a 48-month term. In the example calculation for the package S, 20.23 euros per month is added to this rate, which results in a total leasing rate of 290.23 euros. In other words: VWFS calculates 971.04 euros for maintenance and inspection over the 48 months.

The company does not disclose the proportion VWFS expects to receive in the “Lease&Care” packages. Overall, however, the Braunschweig-based VW subsidiary expects a high financing ratio. “We assume that around 80 per cent of Volkswagen Group electric vehicles are leased or financed through us,” says Jens Legenbauer, Spokesperson of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH. “We are deliberately focusing on the advantages of leasing for electric mobility. With leasing, our customers do not have to worry about the subsequent marketing or value of their vehicle after the contract period.”

In addition to full-service leasing, VW also offers car insurance specially tailored to electric cars. ID.3 customers are to receive a special discount of 25 per cent on liability and comprehensive cover. The special eMobility elements of the insurance include, among other things, all-risk cover for the battery and protection against theft of the charging cable during the charging process, or in the event of damage to electrical components due to overvoltage. VWFS has not yet specified the conditions of the policy.



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