UK prices out for BEV vans: Citroën ë-Dispatch & Peugeot e-Expert


In the UK, both Peugeot and Citroen have released details and prices of their fully electric delivery vans. Both Citroën ë-Dispatch & Peugeot e-Expert have exactly the same price: starting at £25,053 excluding VAT and after Plug-in Van Grant.

Following the Opel Vivaro-e and the Citroën ë-Jumpy (now called the ë-Dispatch), Peugeot also presented its version of a PSA battery-electric transporter, the e-Expert in May this year. The technology is identical to that of its two sister models.

In the UK, the PSA vehicles have the same prices revealed on the same day and the differences between the two delivery vans from the French Group which are subtle and largely cosmetic. Apart from the identical price, both fully-electric delivery vans have two battery options of 50 kWh and 75 kWh, which give these variants of both vehicles ranges of 148 miles and 211 miles. Both vehicles sport motors with 136hp (100 kW).

While the ë-Dispatch Citroen has a loading volume of up to 6.6 m3 and payloads up to 1,262 kg, its Peugeot counterpart has been given various data with maximum payloads ranging from 1,001kg to 1,226kg, depending on the trim and spec chosen, with 50kWh models featuring the option to increase the maximum payload by an additional 225kg. In effect, the Peugeot e-Expert has given a slightly lower maximum payload by 35 kg.

Both delivery vehicles come in three different lengths: with a 4.6m3 load space, extending to 5.3m3 for and up to 6.1m3. Both vehicles are capable of rapid charging capable of supporting up to 100 kW rapid charging with an 80% charge taking 30 minutes with the 50kWh battery as well as charging with a Wallbox with almost identical charging times – the 50 kW battery can be charged in 4.5 hours with an 11 kW Wallbox and in 7.5 hours with an 11 kW Wallbox. The 75 kW batteries take accordingly longer at 7 hours and 11.2 hours with the respective Wallboxes.

The two French brands have negotiated different charging deals for their customers. With the ë-Dispatch, Citroën UK is working with Polar public charge network to offer customers a free six-month subscription to the Polar Plus service (normally £7.85 per month). Pod Point supply and install 7.4 kW Wallboxes, for example.,


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