Jul 29, 2020 - 09:38 pm

The Deliverator brings Wahlburgers to Key West

Arcimoto has just announced its newest Deliverator pilot program with Wahlburgers in California, USA. Arcimoto’s three-wheel electric delivery vehicle will begin making zero-emission deliveries starting this August.

The pilot program will operate at the Wahlburgers newest location in Key West Seaport. The Deliverator three-wheeler has a top speed of 75 mph (roughly 120 km/h) and sports a 102 mile (about 164 km) city range. Built on the modular Arcimoto Platform, the Deliverator offers 20+ cubic feet of cargo space (0.56 m2), and size that allows three vehicles to be parked in a single space.

At the Key West Wahlburgers location, a silent, zero-emission and space-saving vehicle making food deliveries is likely to be well appreciated and noticed. As may be ascertained from the photo, Wahlburgers restaurant brand was founded by Chef Paul Wahlberg along with his brothers Donnie and Mark (who may look a little familiar). The three-wheeled vehicle was first launched as a fun utility vehicle (FUV), after which the company developed the Rapid Responder version for emergency services and law enforcement and the Deliverator version for delivery services.

Just over a year ago, Arcimoto announced that it was going test its fully electric trike, called the Rapid Responder, in pilot programs in Oregon and California. Since then the world has been thrust into the emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has accelerated the need for both home deliveries and rapid response vehicles that are emission-free and small enough to circumnavigate heavy car traffic.

In March this year as countries across the globe went into lock-down to curb the spread of Covid-19, Arcimoto began a pilot project with the non-profit Carry It Forward to deliver critical emergency supplies to the unhoused communities in an attempt to help flatten the Coronavirus curve. Last month, Acrimoto began its second pilot program with the Deliverator with HyreCar that operates a carsharing marketplace for ridesharing in all 50 US states via its proprietary technology platform. “Last month, roughly one-third of Americans ordered groceries online for the first time, and the need for both gig drivers and sustainable delivery vehicles is at an all-time high,” said Joe Furnari, HyreCar Chief Executive Officer.

In Key West, the only emergency is customers wanting burgers, but the project highlights the advantages of the Deliverator. “When the opportunity came for Walhburgers Key West to begin making zero-emission deliveries in the Deliverator, I jumped at the chance,” said Mark Wahlberg, founder of Wahlburgers, and owner of an Arcimoto FUV. “The team here in Key West is looking forward to working with Arcimoto and providing the community with a sustainable way to enjoy their favourite Wahlburgers menu items at home.”

Mark Frohnmayer, CEO and Founder of Arcimoto added that “We believe that with every delivery, Wahlburgers Key West will enjoy meaningful per-mile savings compared to gas-powered vehicles, and will also see a boost in brand awareness as the zero-emission Deliverator turns heads across the island.”

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