Trailer Dynamics signs battery supply contract with CATL

CATL and Trailer Dynamics have signed a battery supply contract for a new way of electrifying long-haul trucks. Under the agreement, CATL will design, manufacture and supply batteries for the Newton eTrailer that will be launched in 2023.

The Newton eTrailer from the company Trailer Dynamics based in Aachen, Germany, is a manufacturer-independent solution concept for long-distance trucks in which an additional electric drive train is integrated into the trailer.

The eTrailer is Trailer Dynamics’s first electric semi-trailer model. The trailer is designed to respond to the driving behaviour of its coupled tractor using integrated electric drive trains. An integrated electric transmission system provides support and manages the electrical energy resources intelligently along the entire route. CATL and Trailer Dynamics are tailoring the batteries to semi-trailers while improving efficiency and lowering operating expenses.

Li Xiaoning, Executive President of Overseas Commercial Application of CATL says that “Together with Trailer Dynamics, the frontrunner of truck electrification, we are accelerating the development and population of European e-mobility. CATL believes cooperation is a milestone in the area of zero-emission logistics for long-haul trucks,” Li added.

Pointing out that long-haul trucks must endure complex working conditions and require a high level of efficiency, CATL says that it is developing a 300 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with cell to pack (CTP) technology and cooling liquid specifically for the Newton eTrailer. The LFP chemistry system boasts a long cycle life and a high thermal runaway temperature of up to 800°C. CATL says that the liquid cooling technology enables high performance, safety and reliability, as well as a wide working temperature range. Applying the advanced CTP technology gives the Newton eTrailer a higher product efficiency, meaning it can achieve 155Wh/kg system energy density. The two companies expect that the Newton eTrailer with CATL battery systems will prove to be a very competitive product owing to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and what they say will be a better experience for end-users.

“A high-quality, high-performing durable battery is a central USP (Unique Selling Point) that makes the crucial difference to all other competing concepts in the long-haul industry,” Abdullah Jaber, CEO of Trailer Dynamics, said. “CATL, with its very high-quality components, on our side was a very easy choice we had to make.”


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