Aug 3, 2020 - 10:49 am

Tesla soon to be launching new Model Y variant

According to a report citing insider sources, Tesla has started test production of a new variant of the Model Y. This would suggest the market launch is imminent.

The vehicle in question is the Model Y with Rear-Wheel Drive and Long-Range battery pack. Citing “sources familiar with the matter,” Electrek writes that Tesla had already produced a few to test the new variant on the GA4 assembly line before the line was shut down for upgrades.

The GA4 is the General Assembly Line 4 is the tent structure erected in 2018 on which the Model 3 was also assembled. Only a few weeks ago it became clear that Tesla wanted to erect another ‘tent’ for the Model Y with the GA4.5. Since the Model 3 and Y share 75 per cent of the components, a test run on the closely related GA4 would make sense to verify the planned changes.

Elon Musk recently announced the Long-Range RWD version as a replacement for the Standard Range version that has not made it to fruition because “the range would be unacceptably small (<250 miles EPA)”. Tesla is not yet accepting orders for the Rear-Wheel-Drive version, but it looks like this could happen soon in view of the test production.

Musk has indicated that the new version could cost around 45,000 dollars. Last week Electrek discovered that the version was listed in the credit calculator on the Tesla site for 48,000 dollars. After the article was published, Tesla removed the model from the list.


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    This will be the design to incorporate the 3rd row of seats

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