Tesla donates Destination Chargers to Parks Canada

The government of Canada announced that 28 of the country’s most popular natural parks, called Parks Canada, now offer Tesla donated EV chargers. Tesla made both Level-2 and its chargers available in equal measure.

The roll-out goes back to the Canadian Government in May 2019 committing to having charging infrastructure at ‎25 of the most popular Parks Canada places across the country by 2021. They also said they would double the number of destinations offering this service by 2025.

The 2021-target has already been achieved, and Parks Canada “is well on its way to meeting the 2025 targets, with the help of a Tesla donation of over 350 charging stations in 2019”, according to press information.

Tesla Destination Chargers are the company’s answer to slower charging in more remote or dense urban places. In the case of Parks Canada, the installations have half of the charging stations Tesla and half J-1772, that is Level 2 with both given by Tesla.

To date, 172 EV charging stations have been installed in 14 national parks, 12 national historical sites, one national marine conservation area and in Rouge National Urban Park. By autumn 2020, Parks Canada expects charging stations donated by Tesla will be available to visitors at 38 Parks Canada places.

Tesla has also been busy installing a Supercharger network in Canada. The latest corridor opened at the beginning of this year with Tesla charging stations covering the distance between Vancouver and Halifax. Tesla claimed half of them are V3 Superchargers. However, at some remote locations in Canada, the maximum charging power appears to have been reduced to 72 kW.

Also in other news, Tesla has begun preparing to take payment at destination chargers as reported last week. The core of the project is the third hardware generation of the Tesla Wall Connector. Operators of destination chargers report, they have received email requests from Tesla proposing to install the new charger and potentially opt-in “to charge users a fair price for the electricity they use when charging,” as Tesla put it.

Charging at the sites of Parks Canada is free for now, however, meaning charges are included with entry fees where applicable.

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