Ford setting up new production facility for electric F-150


Ford is building a new facility next to its truck plant in Dearborn, Michigan, for the production of the electric F-150 pickup truck. Prototype production is to begin next year before sales of the Ford F-150 EV start in 2022.

Bloomberg reports as much with reference to insiders. The new plant is to provide 300 jobs. Ford COO Jim Farley officially announced the plans for a fully electric F-150 when cooperation agreements were signed with VW in mid-June.

At the plant in Dearborn itself, the new generation of F-150 combustion engines, including a full hybrid version, will probably come off the assembly line on 21 September. According to Bloomberg, the factory is expected to close two weeks beforehand for production conversions. This is expected to start on 7 September. Against this background, Ford had announced factory investments of around 700 million US dollars in December.

For Ford and its designated new boss Jim Farley, who will inherit the current CEO Jim Hackett on 1 October, a success of the new F-150 is crucial. A study by the Boston Consulting Group cited in the report notes that in 2019, sales of almost 900,000 F-Series pickups will be made in the USA, with associated sales of around 42 billion US dollars. Thus, Ford generates the majority of its profits from these vehicles.


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