Opel accepting orders for the Zafira-e Life

The new Opel Zafira-e Life is now available for order in Germany and most recently in the UK. The battery-powered passenger van will go on sale in early 2021 for prices starting at 53,800 euros, or £34,645 after the Plug-in Van Grant.

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What Opel is calling an electrified “lounge on wheels” is open for order in the first location in Europe. While the Zafira-e Life shares technology with the Vivaro-e, the latter is more designed for real van use, while the electric Zafira is positioned as a shuttle and motorhome. The leather seats move in aluminium rails and allow configurations with five, six, seven or eight seats are available. Plus, the Zafira-e can tow up to 1000 kg.

In Germany, since deliveries will not start until next year, the base price is quoted with 19 per cent VAT again, which are currently temporarily reduced in Germany in an economic measure against the Covid-19 pandemic. Deducting the German environmental bonus reduces the entry price for the Zafira-e Life M Selection to 45,825 euros. For all versions of the Zafira-e Life, the netlist price is between 40,000 and 65,000 euros, which qualifies the series for the reduced environmental bonus. With 5,000 euros from the German government, 2,500 euros manufacturer’s share and 19 per cent VAT on this manufacturer’s share, the gross savings amount to 7,975 euros.

It is noticeable that the M Selection is currently the cheapest version of the Zafira-e Life – i.e. the medium length of 4.95 metres, not the 4.60 meters long S. For the latter, Opel mentions a base price of 56,700 euros in the corresponding press release, albeit in the higher-quality Edition version. However, the BAFA list of eligible vehicles includes a Zafira-e Life S Selection for 44,663.87 euros net, i.e. 53,150 euros gross. As soon as Opel responds to the inquiry as to when the Zafira-e Life S Selection will be available, we will provide the information at this point. The 5.30-metre long Zafira-e Life L Selection is already available for order from 54,625 euros. This version offers a maximum load volume of around 4,500 litres.

The Zafira-e Life S is only available with the 50 kWh battery, regardless of the equipment. For the M and L, customers have the option of ordering a 75 kWh battery (330 instead of 230 kilometres WLTP range). The surcharge for this is 6,000 euros gross, regardless of the equipment. The most expensive line of the Zafira-e Life is thus the long version in the Elegance version with the optional 75 kWh battery. This version costs 72,595 euros gross before environmental bonus.

Zafira-e Life’s drive unit is known to produce 100 kW. A single-phase 7.4-kW charger is installed ex-works, and an optional three-phase 11-kW charger is available. With direct current, the small battery is charged to 80 per cent in 30 minutes and the large battery in 45 minutes, which corresponds to an average charging capacity of 80 kW. Further data such as towing capacity and information on the assistance systems can be found here.

The commercial vehicle counterpart to the Zafira-e Life, the Vivaro-e, has been available for order since the end of July. Prices start at 35,650 euros net, and after deducting the increased environmental bonus, the net price will be 26,650 euros. Opel is charging 5,800 euros gross for the larger battery in the Vivaro-e.

Update 11 September 2020: Opel’s electric van, the brand sells as Vauxhall in the UK, is available to order with a right-hand-drive with immediate effect. Prices start from £34,645 after the Plug-in Van Grant.

There are two versions of the Vauxhall Vivaro-e. The Edition model can seat up to nine passengers, including the driver, and is priced from said £34,645 after the Plug-in Van Grant. The Elite features Vauxhall’s Lounge trim as standard and includes massage function and electric heating for the front seats, with four movable leather chairs behind to allow passengers to sit facing each other. Both models also come in the long body design and the Elite costs from £46,415.

Vauxhall specifies range at 143 miles in WLTP and a 1,000-kilo towing capacity. As in other markets, rapid charging the 50kWh battery adds 0-80 per cent range in 30 minutes.

Customers in the UK can place orders now, with deliveries starting from late October, according to Vauxhall.

media.opel.com (Germany), vauxhall.co.uk (UK)


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