Sep 15, 2020 - 02:55 pm

100 HPC Smatrics mobility+ chargers for Austria


The joint venture Smatrics mobility+, founded by EnBW and Smatrics, is now starting its operations following the approval of the cartel authorities in Germany and Austria. The new company intends to operate the largest charging network in Austria and, above all, expand the number of high-performance chargers.

The partners’ focus is on high power charging with up to 300 kW charging power. According to new information, Smatrics mobility+ plans to build 100 such ultra-fast charging points by next year. Specifically, 20 of these charging points are to be connected to the grid before the end of the year, with the remaining 80 to follow in 2021. The joint venture is not starting from scratch: all Smatrics charging stations have been transferred to the new operating company. According to the partners in their press releases, the network currently consists of 250 rapid charging points.

Smatrics mobility+ has set itself the target of an Austria-wide charging network with 450 charging points at 250 locations including around 250 quick charge points at around 100 locations. This does not yet include the aforementioned ultra-fast charge points with up to 300 kW. The Austrian-German joint venture wants to install these along freeways and in inner-city areas. The aim is “to guarantee for the first time an area coverage with high-power chargers in urban centres and on the road”.

Smatrics, which holds 49 per cent of the joint subsidiary, will remain in the role of a technical service provider. EnBW has set up more than 340 rapid charging sites throughout Germany under the EnBW mobility+ label and is now also driving forward the expansion of a nationwide rapid charging infrastructure in Austria with Smatrics mobility+., (both in German)

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