Sep 29, 2020 - 06:41 pm

At least ten electric Volvo Buses for Sweden


Volvo Buses is manufacturing at least ten electric buses for the Swedish city of Västerås. The operator there has commissioned the manufacturer to supply ten articulated Volvo e-buses. The contract also includes an option for seven additional electric buses.

The first of the new Volvo fleet will be put into service by Svealandstrafiken in about one year for regular service in the centre of Västerås. The remaining nine vehicles of Type 7900 Articulated Electric should be delivered in July 2022 at the latest. Peter Liss, President of Svealandstrafiken, said: “The agreement with Volvo Buses can be seen as the start of a shift in fuel sources for our city buses, from biogas to electricity.”

Volvo unveiled the series production version of its electric articulated bus at Busworld Europe in autumn 2019, powered by two 200 kW electric motors, each of which also has a two-speed transmission. To meet the specific requirements of the respective cities and operators, the design of the bus is otherwise flexible. For example, the number of batteries can be varied so that only the capacity required for the particular application is installed. A maximum of 396 kWh is possible.

The ten units for Västerås each have a maximum range of 200 kilometres can carry up to 120 passengers. Bus operator Svealandstrafiken will rely on the charging variant with cable in the depot (and not by pantograph on the route).

Volvo has a traditionally strong position in Nordic countries. Last year, the manufacturer’s bus division collected several orders for the 7900 Electric from this region including from Gothenburg, Malmö and Jönköping in Sweden, Bodö, Drammen and Ålesund in Norway and Århus in Denmark.


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