Oct 7, 2020 - 04:51 pm

ElectReon and Eurovia to build wireless electric roads


ElectReon Wireless, the Israeli company, specialising in inductive charging for electric vehicles, has signed an MoU with road construction company Eurovia. They jointly want to build wireless charging into road systems in Germany, France and Belgium.

The new agreement with Eurovia, a subsidiary of the Vinci construction group, is a letter of intent valid for five years. In the paper, the partners agree to develop the “inductive electric road” further technically and acquiring projects with fleet and network operators.

Eurovia is committed to commercially integrate the charging solution and taking on all the construction aspects of any projects. ElectReon, in turn, will take responsibility for the approval, installation and operation of their charging system. The company also provides warranty services and intends to assist in business development.

The system comprises coils embedded eight centimetres below the road surface that activate once a vehicle drives over them. ElectReon claims the solution is compatible with all types of electric vehicles, including buses and trucks. Cars must carry an up to 12-kilo receptor while heavy vehicles can carry larger units to optimise the charging process.

The MOU with Eurovia will help ElectReon to further expands its activities in Europe. They had started in Israel with two pilot projects in operation at this time. In Tel Aviv, ElectReon said it could electrify the city’s main roads for $150 million. But for now, the pilot on a 600-metre track helps Dan Bus to charge electric buses on the move.

The new cooperation with Eurovia will also not be the first in Europe. ElectReon is behind (or inside) the Smartroad Gotland, Sweden, as a long-term engagement. The partners went from charging a 40-ton truck standing and charging the vehicle in motion. In the dynamic test, 45 kW was inductively transferred to the battery of the e-truck. The target is to charge a vehicle with 125 kW when driving at motorway speed in future.

ElectReon also recently signed an agreement with German utility EnBW to test the technology in the city of Karlsruhe.

Eurovia and ElectReon Wireless have yet to provide information on concrete projects.

globes.co.il, electreon.com (the MoU)


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