Mitie completes fleet electrification target ahead of schedule

UK-based facilities management and services company Mitie now has over 750 EVs in their fleet, well above its 20% by 2020 target. On average, Mitie is now adding 75 new electric cars and vans to its fleet every month, as well as expanding their chargepoint collaborations.

Mitie had set themselves a target of 20% fleet electrification by the end of the year, corresponding to a total of 717 vans and cars to be replaced with electric counterparts. “With our first electric vehicle joining our fleet just 15 months ago, I’m incredibly proud that we’ve delivered on our ambitious commitment to switch 20% of our cars and small vans to EV, three months ahead of schedule,” says Simon King, Director of Sustainability and Social Value at Mitie, adding: “But this is just the first leg of our journey. We’re committed to going further and faster, having pledged to have a zero-emission fleet by 2025.”

This is not the only area where Mitie is actively working on speeding up electrification: While Mitie signed a deal with Pod Point in May 2019 for the installation of charge points, a Mitie spokesperson said in an interview today that the company has been “working with a number of companies” to install charge points and diversify their solutions and recommend the best-suited providers, corresponding to customers specific needs. Of the 800 charging point goal of the Pod Point arrangement, 600 have already been installed and “175 more are already in train” with over two months of the year left.

Charging infrastructure is also where the company sees the greatest roadblocks to electrification. Access to public charging stations on streets and communal parking remains a “key challenge for transitioning to electric”. Here they hope for public support: “We’re keen to encourage the UK government and local authorities to support the switch to electric by investing in more charging infrastructure, especially for communal and on-street parking.”, (fleet electrification),


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