Ford Kuga hybrid battery problems persist


Ford apparently can’t get the battery problems of the Kuga PHEV under control. After the manufacturer stopped sales of the part-time electric vehicle in August due to concerns about battery overheating, Ford is now recalling all Kuga models with plug-in hybrid drive to garages across Europe.

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At first, it was thought that the issue only extended to models built prior to June 25, 2020. However now, Ford has extended the recall to include all Kuga PHEVs due to fire risk of the batteries. Last month, Ford recalled around 20,000 Kuga PHEV units across Europe. With In the UK alone, this is estimated to affect around 5,046 drivers. Because of the problems, Ford is also postponing the start of series production of the next plug-in hybrid model Escape PHEV until next year because the vehicles share some components.

“Because we share components with Kuga PHEV, including battery cells, we are moving production to next year, while we work with the battery cell supplier to resolve the issue affecting Kuga PHEV in Europe,” a company spokesperson in Europe said.

Whether manufacturers just hopped on the bandwagon to admit their battery problems, or this is a curious coincidence is unclear, but given that Hyundai as well as BMW just announced issues with their plug-in hybrid vehicle batteries and issued partial recalls, the timing is uncanny.

Update 31 October 2020: According to several news sites, a Ford spokesperson said that the company has found the cause of the battery problems in the Kuga PHEV. Impurities in the cells caused the batteries to overheat. The cells apparently came from Samsung SDI. For all of the approximately 33,000 delivered Kuga models with plug-in hybrid drive, the battery sets must therefore be completely replaced. According to the reports, these problems will cost the US company at least 400 million dollars.,, (update)


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P Sodermans
20.10.2020 um 00:39
Hi, I am one of the victims of the Kuga PHEV. I bougjt the full-option version Vignale in Germany, which was delivered early July. As I heard about the problems, I reached out in Kuly to Ford, who learned me,there’s a problem with the battery. Only by mid-August I received a formal letter of Ford, announcing a call back as of August. 24th. Shortly after the first intervention ( 20s44), we read that Ford cannot get the problem under control. The problem they designed to solve it does not work. The dealer tells me not to charge the car. On September 16, the second call back letter arrives from Ford confirming all of this. No solution is in the pipeline. The communication is a disaster. Since 3 Months, I cannot use the car for what I bought it, meaning electrical driving. No compensation whatsoever has been obtained from Ford. An early message that a compensation was offered, was canceled the day after. Absolute horror. It is clear Ford has the situation not under control. What is next ?
30.10.2020 um 08:53
I ordered a Kuga PHEV and was informed that it will be much delayed. Ford wants to compensate this by giving me a normal Ford car for the interim. As I am leasing the monthly rate should be same size for the upcoming 3-4 month until this is solved. I fear that this will not be enough time and unfortunately little chance to drive electric as originally planned. Maybe it will take that long that I can switch to the Mustang E who knows.
Roger R-B
10.11.2020 um 16:55
I was considering replacing my Mk 1 Kuga with a PHEV Kuga. After 9 years I found that there was a serious water leak through the front bulkhead through wiring penetrations from the engine compartment to the dashboard. I park on an upslope and not only did the foot wells fill water also penetrated to the rear underfoot storage compartments. This is where the battery is stowed on the PHEV I think. Is it water penetration that is causing the batttery fires?
mr paul stanley
14.12.2022 um 17:22
I have a new 72 plate kuga plug in I charge it at home and the best I can get is 25 on full charge and if I put it on normal it only does 12 miles on a full charge ford had it and said they have gone through it updated it had it back exactly same now a charge of 25 miles I go to town which is 1 mile then come back to the car it is now reading 19 miles and this happens every time so I am loosing 6 miles without the car moving how can this happen am I doing something wrong I would welcome your comments
Harpal Nijjar
16.05.2023 um 03:18
I had Kuga Vignale in September2022. My car also loses 6 miles after driving less than a mile. I fully charged yesterday and battery absolutely drained today and could not even open doors. Called AA to jump start. Now it is showing powertrain malfunction.
03.03.2023 um 07:20
I’m having the exact same problem
Duncan Mitchell
17.05.2023 um 16:25
I have a similar problem to Harpal with my 2021 reg ST-Line model this week. Fully charged battery and no power in the morning on two consecutive days. AA called out twice. Because passenger door could not be opened the bonnet release lever had to gently distorted so the bonnet could be opened to enable jump start. Car now residing in Dealership for investigation.

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