Microvast presents fast-charging pouch cell


Microvast Europe has unveiled a new battery cell that is suitable for various types of vehicles such as cars, commercial vehicles, trains and boats, and is designed to charge from zero to 100 per cent within 20 minutes.

The new NMC pouch cell MpCO 17.5Ah offers an energy density of 186 Wh/kg and a lifetime of 8,000 cycles, the company writes. Microvast can integrate the new cells into its standard battery modules and battery packs, which are to be assembled in the new plant in Ludwigsfelde, Brandenburg, according to its own specifications.

The prototype orders are currently being made, according to the company, and are expected to be delivered to a Norwegian marine OEM later this month. The company also received an order from a “leading manufacturer of port equipment” to install the new MpCO 17.5Ah in its “future electric port vehicle”.

According to the manufacturer, the new cell has “several appealing features that make it the ideal choice as an all-rounder for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles”. Nevertheless, it is also suitable for trains, boats and even cars. In the vehicles, the rapid charging capability (a complete charge stroke should only take 20 minutes) is intended to reduce the charging time and thus the idle time and consequently improve operating efficiency “considerably”.

Besides, Microvast emphasizes in the communication the longer life of up to 8,000 cycles compared to other LiIon cells. When the prototype cells are used in Norway, the MpCO 17.5Ah will probably be able to demonstrate a different characteristic: According to Microvast, it should “work in excellent condition” even under extreme frost conditions, specifically at -30 degrees Celsius.

Microvast Inc. was founded in Texas in 2006 but has its EMEA headquarters in Germany with Microvast GmbH. The company celebrated the topping-out ceremony for the battery production in Ludwigsfelde, where the European headquarters are also to be moved, in July 2020. Assembly of battery modules and packs is scheduled to start there in March 2021.


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14.10.2020 um 20:39
8000 cycles when charged 0-100% seems amazing. Energy density less amazing!

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