Oct 19, 2020 - 04:00 pm

Electric Nation partners with Wallbox

The Electric Nation V2G trial, which aims to demonstrate how technology can provide a solution to potential electricity grid capacity issues as the numbers of EVs increase, has announced a partnership with Wallbox. The trial will introduce Wallbox’s bidirectional charger

The Vehicle to Grid trial went into its second phase in June this year, where eligible participants across Midlands, South West and South Wales receive free smart chargers for evaluation.

Prerequisite to receiving one of the £5,500 smart chargers is owning a Nissan electric vehicle with a battery size of at least 40 kW and living in the regions covered by Western Power. The decision was made due to Nissan’s CHAdeMO capabilities and will remain in force despite a new charger. Electric Nation further asserts its importance by referring to the inclusion of multiple energy suppliers, or as they put it: “Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid is different to other V2G projects because it is using up to five different energy suppliers instead of just one. This means that the trial is a more realistic simulation.

The recently introduced Quasar is a bidirectional charger from Wallbox, with a maximum 7.4 kW charging capacity, which is unusually low for a DC charging connection. The price is also a bit lower, estimated around 4,000 US dollars. This will also mark the charger’s official premiere, which also features V2H (Vehicle to Home) capacities, adding another aspect to the experiment.

“We are very excited to be part of the Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid trial, so we can demonstrate how electric vehicles can play an important role in our electricity system,” says said Eduard Castañeda, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Wallbox, adding: “Quasar can help the electricity grid and can also generate income for EV drivers. Although this trial is all about simulating the future, the V2G charging technology exists today.”



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  1. Samira

    Can this charger do V2H when there is a grid outage? Cause that would be really interesting.

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