Oct 21, 2020 - 11:53 am

Land Rover WLTP reality check

Land Rover has now had to admit that it is currently unable to meet the initially promised data on CO2 emissions and electric range for the plug-in hybrid versions of the Evoque and Discovery Sport. The sale of the hybrid vehicles has therefore been temporarily suspended.

This is yet another blip on the surface of the PHEV sustainability sheen. Land Rover isn’t the only carmaker to measure up badly with CO2 emissions: At the end of last month the white paper, tellingly titled “Real-world usage of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles – Fuel consumption, electric driving, and CO2 emissions,” finds PHEV’s real fuel consumption and CO2 emissions two to four times higher on average than in test cycles such as NEDC or WLTP. The study was conducted by Fraunhofer ISI and the ICCT and proved that their findings hold globally and across models. So while Land Rover isn’t even meeting WLTP verification, other PHEVs from all other firms are also not able to live up to the real-life CO2 emissions reduction promised.



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21.10.2020 11:37