Oct 27, 2020 - 12:26 pm

UK: Škoda introducing Octavia iV PHEV in November

Škoda continues its model electrification with the introduction of the Octavia iV plug-in hybrid. The plug-in hybrid will be available to order in the UK from 3 November at prices starting from £30,765.

The announcement follows the last plug-in hybrid Octavia announcement so shortly, that it seems the carmaker is impatient to get their models (at least partially) electrified. Considering the Octavia vRS starts at £35,020, this is certainly a welcome addition. The newest plug-in hybrid Octavia iV impresses with a 43-mile electric range and runs on a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol four-cylinder engine coupled with an 127bhp (94.7 kW) electric motor for total outputs of 201bhp (150 kW) and 258lb ft (350 Nm).

Škoda also boasts that their new Octavia is the “most fuel-efficient Octavia ever built”. It reaches between 188.3 mpg and 282.5 mpg on the WLTP cycle while emitting 22-33 g/km of CO2. The 13kWh battery pack can be charged with up to 3.6kW in “as little as three-and-a-half hours”. The vehicle is delivered with both a 16A Type 2 charging cable and a 10A three-pin cable.



3 Kommentare zu “UK: Škoda introducing Octavia iV PHEV in November

  1. Makus

    Somebody forgot to mention that this “most efficient” is for the first 100km driven only, after what it will most likely be the worst efficient since the engine wont just need to drive more weight but also charge the battery! Also, anyone finding weird how this 12-14KWh PHEW´s all over the place is just to much of coincidence? I mean why not 20KWh??

  2. Pedro

    PHEVs to me only make sense if they have an underpowered petrol engine like this one. Otherwise they’re compliance vehicles.


    This is welcome model as daily city use will be pure electic only.

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