Enel X launches new JuiceBox charger


Enel X has launched its new JuiceBox on the Italian market, aiming the private charging infrastructure to be installed in parking garages and parking spaces, at home or the office. Enel X also signed an agreement to help boost electric mobility in Italy with BCC Energia.

The new JuiceBox charging stations are available in two varieties – JuiceBox Pro and JuiceBox Pro Cellular. Both are available with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, while the Pro Cellular adds LTE connectivity to make sure it can be reached. The charging stations can be remotely managed using the Enel X JuicePass app, and are made from recycled plastic. Both charging stations are available with cable and cable-free connection with power up to 22kW.

For home charging, the JuiceBox update means that it takes 70% less space, and is also available in two versions: the JB03 (maximum power 3,7 kW) and JB07 (maximum power 7,4 kW).

“Thanks to the advanced functions of the new domestic infrastructures it is possible to charge vehicles with ease in the garage or at work, in total autonomy and safety, and remotely using the JuicePass app, choosing the most suitable method for your needs from those available, says head of Enel X Italy, Augusto Raggi; “Our goal is to give a major boost to the spread of sustainable mobility nationwide, be it in private or public spaces, and we are positive that the new JuiceBox is another important contribution.”

Their goal of nationwide sustainable mobility is also being addressed with a new agreement signed with BCC Energia. They aim to boost electric mobility in Italian cities, urban areas, small towns and inland areas. The agreement involves a partnership for the supply of materials and services for the installation, management and maintenance of electric vehicle charging infrastructures at the headquarters and branches of Cooperative Credit Banks.

The BCC Energia Consortium boasts an impressive savings of 35,567 tons of CO2 in 2019 alone. The BCC banks and member companies or clients of the consortium, in 2019, further consumed 125,199,391 kWh of green energy during the same period. The expansion of access to charging points at their locations will certainly help bolster these numbers for 2021., (JuiceBox) (cooperation)


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