Twaice & ViriCiti cooperate on bus battery analysis


The Munich-based battery analyst Twaice and Dutch telematics provider ViriCiti are joining forces to optimise the operation of electric bus fleets. Twaice now provides battery software as an add-on module on the ViriCiti platform.

The software developed by Twaice can analyze the overall condition of a battery in real-time utilizing a digital twin of a battery and thus not only more accurately record its condition (which is important, for example, for the residual value when the vehicle is sold), but also predict its life expectancy, which in turn is an important factor for fleet operators.

Besides, the digital twin can be used to optimise the technical parameters of the battery to extend its life. As part of the cooperation with the Dutch telematics specialist ViriCiti, operators of electric buses will now be able to use precisely such functions of the Twaice software via ViriCiti’s fleet management tool.

This should enable fleet operators to precisely identify the main ageing factors and thus understand their specific application. If the appropriate measures are taken early on, maintenance costs can be reduced, battery problems avoided and thus the service life extended. Or, as Twaice puts it somewhat exaggerated in the communication: “Without the insight and knowledge provided by the new partnership, fleet operators and route planners can only guess at the condition of their batteries.”

“We are very excited to offer our customers the new Battery Health add-on powered by TWAICE’s battery expertise”, says Freek Dieslissen, CEO and co-founder of ViriCiti, according to Twaice’s message. Stefan Rohr, CEO and co-founder of Twaice, adds: “By combining leading fleet management and state-of-the-art battery analytics software we will create superior value for our joint customers. Furthermore, our companies are united in the commitment to a zero-emission future.”

More than 3,000 buses are currently connected to ViriCiti’s fleet management tool, but the tool also allows the operation of mixed fleets with different drive systems. In Germany, for example, the Berlin public transport operator BVG uses the tool for 59 electric buses.


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