ViriCiti launches monitoring system for Berlin’s electric buses


In Germany, ViriCiti has started monitoring the first 59 electric buses belonging to the Berlin public transport company BVG. In the coming months, all 137 electric buses of the transport company are to be connected to ViriCiti’s cloud-based platform.

ViriCiti is a Dutch specialist in telematics and has created a monitoring system for operators of mixed bus fleets. It integrates all types of buses (electric, hybrid, hydrogen and diesel) and their energy infrastructure into one platform. In terms of the application used by the Berlin public transport operator, this means that BVG can view real-time parameters such as the location of the electric buses, the charging status and any incidents. ViriCiti says that the system enables the BVG to access historical data that allows the public transport operator to track and analyse electric bus parameters in the millisecond range.

ViriCiti has been working with BVG since 2016. The Berlin transport operator is one of the first German operators to opt for a data-driven approach to electromobility, says the data management company. By the end of the year, the BVG will have 137 electric buses from EvoBus and Solaris in circulation. To further advance electrification, the company is also preparing a tender for 90 additional electric buses to be delivered in 2022.

ViriCiti has now completed the implementation of its system on the first 59 electric buses. The Solaris buses, in particular, were ideally suited to the project: “Due to a great collaboration with Solaris, the Solaris e-buses ordered by BVG arrived with ViriCiti’s hardware preinstalled,” says the company. These buses also offer insight into a series of 15 key parameters of the minimum data set, which were added especially for the BVG.

“Since the very beginning of our collaboration in 2016, we have been providing BVG with reliable data,” says Alexander Schabert, CCO of ViriCiti. “We think that their mindful approach to e-mobility was a strong enabler for their fantastic progress so far, and we’re really proud to have supported them on this exciting journey.”

Following the presentation of its ‘Mixed-Fleet’ monitoring system last year, ViriCiti started the integration of the system at its development partner QBuzz Netherlands in October 2010. In September this year, the company then announced another major customer: The Dutch transport company RET. ViriCiti is implementing a smart charging solution for 163 electric bus charging points in addition to its system on behalf of Qbuzz Netherlands. The smart charging function provided via the cloud will initially be implemented for Heliox chargers, with ABB chargers to follow shortly.



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