Tesla Model Y made in China on the horizon

Tesla has registered its Model Y with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, indicating the imminent start of production once Tesla obtains a last production permit from the Chinese government.

For any carmaker, mass production has to be approved by several Chinese government agencies. This is likely a formality for the Tesla Model Y made in China after the ministry approved the vehicle for use on the country’s roads.

Tesla already ran the same course for the China Model 3. The latter has been leaving Giga Shanghai in large numbers since the lines started rolling in late 2019. Employees handed over the first units at the end of December, and deliveries to customers began in January. In other words, there were around ten weeks between the start of production and deliveries.

Giga Shanghai also signs responsible for the Model Y now approved by China’s MIIT. A Twitter user obtained documents that show the Model Y’s filing with the Chinese government. The tweet also mentions the Made in China badge that comes standard with each vehicle built at the Tesla China facility.

Manufacturing is located in the so-called Phase 2 part of Giga Shanghai, which Tesla has been preparing for the last nine months. The announcement fits the earlier set schedule with Tesla having wanted to complete construction this late autumn as reported. Phase 2 has them seen doubling the size of the factory.

Once production is approved and takes off, expect Tesla to take another month or more for deliveries to start. Tesla has set Model Y production in China for 2021 “at the earliest,” according to its website, and Tesla could indeed begin delivering the vehicle early next year. For the Model Y made in China to have an impact on earnings, it would surely take a few more months as they will gear up production.

For Giga Shanghai, Tesla, in its recent earnings call, said, they had increased Model 3 production capacity to 250,000 units a year, up from 200,000.

Different from other cars, Tesla only introduces the Model Y to a market once it makes it locally. In Shanghai, the company plans to produce both the Long Range and Performance variants of the all-electric crossover, both having All-Wheel-Drive capabilities. Chinese analysts expect the electric SUV to hit the market running as the small crossover segment is hot, and contested.

In Europe, Giga Berlin will sign responsible for making the EU Model Y. Recent projections even set the start of production in Q1 or Q2 of 2021 rather than later in summer. Already production processes to be introduced here, are being hailed as the most innovative, including die-cast machines designed to cast the Model Y frame in but one piece eventually. Giga Berlin will also take the lead on producing new battery cells of type 4680.


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about „Tesla Model Y made in China on the horizon“
Gordon Peterson
22.11.2020 um 21:38
Hi Will New Zealand get the 4680 batteries and die cast frame for the Tesla Y Performance model when it goes on the market in NZ? Gordon Peterson.

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