Nov 9, 2020 - 08:30 pm

Genoa is getting electric buses from Irizar

Irizar has started supplying electric buses to Genoa. A total of 14 electric buses are scheduled to arrive in the Italian port city by the end of this month. The Spanish manufacturer is also making the charging infrastructure to equip the depot.

The city’s transport operator AMT Genova ordered the buses of type ie from Irizar in February, and the Spanish manufacturer has now begun delivering them. The smaller e-buses with a length of 10.8 metres will in future charge overnight at nine charging stations in the depot. The charging infrastructure is based on products developed and manufactured within the Irizar Group.

The buses manufactured for Genoa have a battery capacity of 350 kWh and will be able to travel 220 kilometres on one charge. They have three doors and 20 seats and can carry a total of 78 passengers.

Only in July, AMT Genoa announced that Siemens Smart Infrastructure would install charging infrastructure for ten Rampini E80 electric buses. AMT chose the Rampini E80 because the vehicles are the only electric buses in Europe that are so manoeuvrable that they can also be used in the city’s historic centre. The E80 is 2.7 meters wide and can carry up to 43 passengers.


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