Nov 11, 2020 - 12:46 pm

Tesla granted building pre-approval for Giga Berlin

Tesla has received another provisional building permit for its plant in Grünheide. The Brandenburg State Environmental Agency has approved supporting structures for roofs and exterior walls in the area of the foundry and press shop. This is already the seventh application for preliminary work.

The Environmental Agency said that approval could be granted at short notice, as the scope of the examination was “not very large”. Tesla would need to erect the supporting structures on the already approved and now existing foundations. Since these measures did not involve any additional use of land or any other environmental impact, the authority was able to decide on this application at short notice. The measure is necessary because Tesla waived the construction of pile foundations in the foundry area.

According to the Brandenburg state government, the application submitted earlier for the early commencement of the paint shop and the further clearing of forest on the Tesla site is still being examined. This is taking longer because the process also has to include the findings the authorities received in recent discussions with the plant’s critics. Tesla’s construction progress for Giga-Berlin has so far been based solely on provisional permits made possible by the Federal Immission Control Act. According to earlier information from Brandenburg’s Minister of Economics, Jörg Steinbach, the final environmental permit should be available by mid-December 2020.


Bosch Amps Up

In September, Steinbach also disclosed estimates for the expected employment in the new factory. The minister considers it possible that the factory could have up to 40,000 employees for the next ten years, depending on the market situation. According to the state government, the requirement profiles are now available for the first 6,000 of the initially planned 12,000 jobs, both in areas of production and administration.

The head of the Frankfurt (Oder) Employment Agency, Jochem Freyer, has now also told the German trade newspaper Handelsblatt that Tesla wants to pay salaries that are higher than the local average. The company will orientate itself to the collective wage agreement of the metal and electrical industry: “They will not adopt and apply it, but I think it is a big step if we approach an industrial collective wage agreement.” The employees would be recruited mainly from the unemployed and job changers, the head of the authorities explains in the report.

Also on the employment front, Electrek writes that Tesla wants to set up a 25-member task force in Grünheide, which will be deployed wherever the most significant problems arise and report directly to company boss Elon Musk. It would not be the first time that Tesla has set up such a task force, but so far it has mainly been used for production projects.,


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