Kreisel and Shell reveal new battery solution

Kreisel Electric and Shell have developed a battery solution that combines Kreisel’s Li-ion module technology with Shell’s thermal management fluid. The two companies say their solution provides increased efficiency and fast charging capability, as well as improvements in safety and stability.

At the core of the solution is a custom thermal management fluid from Shell, which will be used in the customised battery modules from Kreisel. The Austrian company says that the special dielectric fluid has strong thermal management properties and touches more surface area of the battery cell. This should reduce the energy required to regulate the battery temperature.

The two companies promise an energy efficiency improvement of up to 28 per cent for battery cooling compared to conventional sidewall cooling, as is currently common in the automotive industry. This means that less energy is lost in order to maintain the optimum operating temperature of the battery. This could lead to an improved range in relation to the battery size as well as a longer service life. The technology is also expected to perform better in rapid charging, which is particularly thermally stressful.

The modules from Kreisel have an integrated holding structure for single cells and controlled degassing channels. The design and integration of thermal management should enable competitive and automated production. The battery cells are directly surrounded by the shell fluid and are not only cooled by the sidewall of the modules.

“Shell has always been committed to improving the efficiency, performance and lifetime of engines, so it is no surprise that they have also developed the best fluid for active battery immersion cooling,” says Philipp Kreisel, Managing Director of Kreisel Electric.

“Immersive cooling technology plays a key role in the next generation of batteries and its benefits will help speed up the adoption of battery-electric solutions, especially in the transport sector,” says Selda Gunsel, Vice President, Global Commercial Technology, Shell.

Kreisel Electric and Shell have announced their intention to jointly market the solution. In addition, the two companies plan to jointly research and develop to further improve the battery and fluid technology system.,


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