Dec 15, 2020 - 10:48 pm

Transnational battery recycling through Reneos

European collection and recycling companies join forces.

The demand for legally compliant international collection and recycling solutions for electric vehicle batteries is increasing. Now, leading battery collection companies from Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway have joined forces to set up Reneos SCE as a transnational network.

The founders of Reneos SCE include bebat from Belgium, GRS Batterien Service GmbH from Germany, Cobat from Italy, BatteriRetur in Norway and Stibat from the Netherlands. Through their new European platform, they offer cross-border collection, transport, storage, reuse, repurposing or dismantling of EV batteries for recycling, all in compliance with national laws of each country.

“Recycle, reuse or just pick up and deliver to a location chosen by the customer. All of these organisations can collect batteries in all European countries, store them, dismantle them and then have them processed. For this purpose, we have our partner; but we can also work with the customer’s preferred partners. The customer can follow everything closely via the track & trace system, explains Philippe Celis, CEO Reneos.

The partners collect lithium batteries from electric vehicles and also those from industrial and private use. “With Reneos, we are in a position to offer our internationally operating customers safe solutions not only in Germany but throughout Europe. And by that, I don’t just mean legal security, but also security throughout the entire take-back, transport and recycling process,” Georgios Chryssos, CEO of the GRS Batterien Foundation emphasises.

Reneos CEO Celis adds, “By bringing together the leading experts, we are making Europe the hub of battery recycling, strengthening our competitiveness against Asia and the U.S.” On the part of the industry, he says, the initiative is attracting a great deal of interest.

In October, for example, Reneos took over the collection and recycling of used batteries from Zero Motorcycles. The e-motorcycle manufacturer has authorised dealers in the Benelux, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Reneos’ national roots mean that batteries in these countries are collected, transported and processed under their respective laws and safety regulation.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France., (cooperation Zero Motorcycles)


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