Xpeng launches delivery of G3 electric SUV in Norway

Chinese manufacturer Xpeng has started delivering its electric cars to customers in Norway. One hundred units of the Xpeng G3 electric SUV are currently being handed over to their new owners in 28 Norwegian cities. Prices start at 358,000 kroner, the equivalent of around 33,700 euros.

The G3 has been on sale in China since December 2018, and since a minor update in summer 2019, the electric SUV comes with a range of 451 kilometres according to WLTP (520 km according to NEDC). Xpeng has slightly adapted its electric SUV for export to Europe. The Norwegian G3 version comes up with an English user interface, among other things. After Norway, Xpeng says it wants to expand marketing for the electric SUV into other European countries where there are “mature markets with supportive government policies, advanced EV infrastructure and high EV awareness.” The main sales market is to remain in China. There, Xpeng says it sold 21,341 vehicles between January and November 2020, an 87 per cent increase over 2019.

The G3 has been built in Zhengzhou by contract manufacturer Haima since 2018. In spring 2020, Xpeng then put an electric sedan called the P that will be built in a separate plant. The new model is slightly more upscale than the G3 in all respects. According to the manufacturer, the new model has a range of around 706 kilometres, albeit according to the outdated NEDC test cycle.

As expected, Xpeng also wants to bring the electric sedan to Europe. The market launch should take place within the next twelve months, according to the company’s headquarters. According to CEO He Xiaopeng, both models are coming to Europe just at the time when more and more consumers are switching to more sustainable options for individual mobility. Additionally, the manufacturer says “There is a tipping point: governments around the world are intensifying their efforts towards a zero-emission future. We are pleased to be a driving force in accelerating this change.”

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