High demand for the Model Y in China

Tesla is apparently experiencing high demand for its Model Y in China. After the series production of the Model Y was started in Shanghai a few days ago and the first deliveries were promised for January. Now the Tesla website for China lists the second quarter of 2021 as the delivery date for new orders.

New buyers of the Model Y with Performance Package will even have to wait until the third quarter of 2021 for delivery. This suggests that the electric SUV is already sold out for the first quarter, although Tesla has not yet confirmed this directly.

According to reports from China, 90,000 orders are said to have been received in the past few days. While at the beginning of the week, February was apparently still mentioned as a delivery date, since Wednesday, according to Twitter users, those wanting a Model Y in China will have to wait until the second quarter for delivery.

According to Twitter user “Ray4Tesla,” a study by Industrial Securities is said to have revealed that total Gigafactory production is currently at 8,000 vehicles per week – 5,000 of which are Model 3s and already 3,000 Model Ys. Based on these numbers, Ray4Tesla expects 40,000 Model Ys to be built in the first quarter. Tesla only just confirmed that series production of the Model Y was underway at the very beginning of this year.

Of these China production figures, it must be kept in mind that the 5,000 Model 3s also include those that have been exported to Europe since October. It is not yet clear if and when an export of the made-in-China Model Y to Europe will take place.

An important factor for the now strongly increasing orders is probably not only the more concrete start of deliveries but also a lower price: Until the beginning of January, the all-wheel-drive version of the Model Y was listed at 488,000 yuan (61,530 euros) and the performance version at 535,000 yuan (67,450 euros). Since then, prices have been at a much more realistic 339,900 yuan and 369,900 yuan (42,855 euros/46,640 euros), respectively.



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