Twaice joins European Battery Alliance

Battery analytics specialist Twaice Technologies has now joined the European Battery Alliance to develop a sustainable battery value chain in Europe.

To this end, Twaice is now also present at EBA250, a cooperation platform initiated by the EU Commission that brings together stakeholders from the entire battery value chain in the European Union. “With our technology and expertise, we can support a wide variety of players in the market to optimise the development and deployment of their batteries,” Dr Stephan Rohr, co-founder and CEO of Twaice, is certain.

The European Battery Alliance was launched in 2017 by Maroš Šefčovic, Vice President of the European Commission for Institutional Relations and Administration. The alliance has since grown to nearly 500 industry members. The alliance’s goal is to build competitive battery production in Europe – and thus catch up with companies from China, Japan and South Korea in this market while adding an eco edge. The most recent digital meeting of the alliance under the heading “European Conference on Batteries” dates from November 2020 which Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined.

The German startup Twaice Technologies wants to take battery analytics to the next level. At the heart of this is predictive battery analytics software developed by the startup. It is supposed to make it possible to evaluate lithium-ion batteries’ overall condition in real-time through a so-called digital twin of the battery and to predict their service life. The software thus addresses a hitherto unsolved problem of electric cars: when they are resold, the remaining service life and thus the economic residual value can hardly be estimated. Just over a month ago, Twaice expanded its testing capacities in response to rising demand and opened a new battery lab in Munich. Also recently, Twaice and Dutch telematics provider ViriCiti joined forces to optimise the operation of electric bus fleets. The German startup now provides battery software as an add-on module on the ViriCiti platform.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke


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