New Flyer wins two bus supply contracts in the USA


New Flyer has been tasked with delivering their electric Xcelsior Charge heavy duty buses to  the state of Connecticut as well as the city of Atlanta. A total of 12 fully-electric, 40-foot buses were ordered by Connecticut’s DoT, while six buses are headed to Atlanta.

The contract with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) awarded to New Flyer specifies for 12 Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric, forty-foot heavy-duty transit buses to be delivered. An option also exists to purchase up to 63 additional electric buses in thirty-five or forty-foot lengths throughout the remaining term of the five-year agreement.

This is not the first order from the state, as New Flyer’s president underlines: “For over 25 years, we have supported CTDOT with reliable transportation, delivering over 900 New Flyer buses and MCI coaches. With a goal of building more livable and sustainable communities, CTDOT is now counting on New Flyer technology for zero-emission adoption at scale,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer and MCI.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) awarded New Flyer with a new order for six Xcelsior CHARGE zero-emission, battery-electric forty-foot heavy-duty transit buses. MARTA is also one of the largest public transport operators in the US, with an estimated 116 million passenger trips per year, according to the company’s statements.

newflyer.com (Atlanta), newflyer.com (Connecticut)


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