Munich Airport runs Goldhofer eTug Phoenix E

Tractor specialist Goldhofer is on a high as they write a second order from a central airport. After Vienna Airport, Munich now too uses a zero-emission aircraft tow tractor by Goldhofer. Model Phoenix E is even stronger than the Bison as it tows large jets weighing up to 350 tons.

The Bison currently in trial at Vienna Airport can push up to 260 tons, also enough for large aircraft. Munich Airport says their tractor can “effortlessly tow passenger aircraft up to a take-off weight of 352 tons – and thus also wide-body aircraft.” The Goldhofer Phoenix E differs in another matter though – it comes without a towbar. The tug instead embraces the nose wheel and lifts the entire jet.

The top speed is at 32 kph and Goldhofer a range extender that enables diesel operation in exceptional cases. Compared to conventional diesel tractors, the airport expects maintenance to be significantly lower.

Munich Airport opted for the top of the line 700-volt system of the Phoenix E. Only in the Bison and Sherpa series Goldhofer also offers a 400-volt system and says customers can choose the battery system that suits their purpose. In any case, Goldhofer suggests short, intermediate charging to enable round-the-clock operation.

The Phoenix E was introduced in 2019. The Bison E is from 2018. As Vienna Airport, Munich wants to operate CO2-neutral by 2030 at the latest. EFM, a joint subsidiary of Lufthansa and Flughafen München GmbH (FMG), is responsible for incorporating these goals.


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