DAF Trucks presents 2nd e-Truck, the LF Electric

Dutch DAF Trucks presents the production version of its second all-electric truck model called LF Electric, which will go into production at Leyland Trucks in the UK in May 2021. The launch follows the revised CF Electric tractor shown a few months ago.

DAF Trucks developed the new, smaller model in close collaboration with Dana. The 19-ton distribution truck LF Electric comes with two wheelbases (5.3 or 5.85 meters) and offers a body & payload allowance of 11,700 kilograms. DAF deems this sufficient for most city operations.

Accordingly, their new truck claims a range of up to 280 kilometres thanks to a battery pack with a capacity of 282 kWh (254 kWh net). The cells have LFP chemistry. The e-motor provides 250 kW of nominal power (370 kW peak) and a nominal torque of 1.200 Nm (3.700 Nm peak), according to the maker. Compare this to the recently revamped CF Electric. The electric motor has an output of 210 kW and a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm while the battery holds a gross capacity of 350 kWh.

DAF had announced the LF Electric together with the larger CF Electric in autumn 2018. The CF Electric went into series production first before receiving the said upgrade. The LF Electric now benefits from the newer technology from the start so the specified energy content (282 instead of 222 kWh) and range (280 instead of 220 kilometres) are higher than initially announced.

Back to the LF Electric at hand. DAF deems the charging a “special feature” of the new LF Electric and calls it a ‘Combined Charging System’. It means no more than that the e-truck can charge fast and slow at standard equipment and DAF recommends that it is “ideal when the truck returns to the home base at the end of the day.” Through slow-charging (400V AC, 22 kW, 3 phase) it takes 6.5 hours for the battery to charge from 20% to 80%. A full charge (0% to 100%) takes up to 12 hours. According to DAF Trucks, fast-charging (650V DC, 150 kW) via CCS will only take 60 minutes from 20% to 80% or 2 hours for a full charge.

As an option, the new DAF LF Electric is available with a 400V e-PTO for powering auxiliary equipment such as an electric cooling installation or an electro-hydraulic crane.

The DAF LF Electric, developed in close cooperation with Dana Inc for the drive, will enter production at Leyland Trucks in the UK in May.



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