Feb 26, 2021 - 12:56 pm

Toyota to launch fuel cell module sales in Spring

Toyota is preparing to sell fuel cell modules in Japan. The compact system modules are expected to be sold from this spring to companies that develop and manufacture fuel cell products for a variety of different applications.

These include mobile applications such as trucks, buses, trains or ships as well as stationary generators, as Toyota itself states. According to Toyota, the company wants to support “the spread of fuel cell technology as a system supplier”. So far, Toyota has already passed on its fuel cell modules to partners, such as the bus manufacturer CaetanoBus, which uses the Mirai cells in its H2.CityGold. With the planned distribution, however, they are to be made available to a broader range of customers.

The new module for distribution is to contain “optimised system components” from the Mirai fuel cell car. The components, such as the fuel cell stack, but also the air and hydrogen supply, the cooling and power control have been adapted for use in the module, according to Toyota.

The module itself comes in two versions, a vertical version (Type I) and a horizontal version (Type 2). The exact dimensions of the modules, which weigh around 250 kilos, can be found in the Toyota announcement linked below. The modules are each available with 60 or 80 kW nominal power and are to cover a voltage range of 400 to 750 volts.

The four module variants (installation position and power) can be combined as desired. According to Toyota, the system can thus be flexibly adapted to the required power level and the available space.

The modules should not only include some safety features (e.g. immediate detection and stopping of leakages), but also be designed for many operating conditions – such as high or low temperatures, high altitudes with a low sweep material content or applications with high vibrations.

However, Toyota has not yet named the price for the modules.



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