VanMoof announces powerbank for e-bikes

Dutch e-bike manufacturer VanMoof has launched a detachable powerbank that is designed to give riders up to 100 kilometres of extra range on the VanMoof S3 or X3 bikes and can be easily charged indoors.

According to a statement from the Dutch manufacturer, the powerbank can charge the bike’s main battery both while stationary and while riding. It weighs 2.8 kilograms, charges from 0 to 100 per cent in three hours and costs 348 euros plus 25 euros delivery costs if it is not ordered together with a bike. The powerbank can be ordered now, and according to the manufacturer, deliveries will start in June.

Their new product offers “a massive power upgrade – almost doubling the energy capacity of VanMoof e-bikes”, the Dutch company says. Specifically also that, thanks to the powerbank, an additional range of 45 to 100 kilometres can be accessed, depending on which pedal assist level is used. “This is one of our most significant innovations to date,” says co-founder Ties Carlier. “It balances our core philosophies of integration and accessibility and ensures every one of our riders now gets the best of both worlds: a hassle-free way to charge your VanMoof and supercharged cross-city cycling scope.”

Founded in 2009 by brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, VanMoof specialises in e-bikes and currently offers two models, the S3 and X3. The Amsterdam start-up’s high-quality bikes were already selling well, but the Corona-related lockdowns have additionally created a boom in orders. The company puts the “worldwide rider community” at “150,000 riders – and rising”. So far, VanMoof has shops in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle and Tokyo. It plans to expand to 50 cities worldwide by the end of 2021 through dedicated service hubs and certified garages.

Meanwhile, the company is flanking the announcement of the powerbank with further product refinements. For example, the e-bikes are now compatible with Apple’s Find My App, have a more visible matrix display, redesigned mudguard flaps and pedals, and better internal wiring. In addition, as an accessory, VanMoof’s bike boxes are now more compact and contain 70% less plastic.

“Since launching the S3 & X3, we’ve listened closely. Rider feedback is central to our new tech,” said Taco Carlier. “Our ability to build it in quickly is what makes VanMoof unique.” The Carlier brothers attribute this speed to their vertical supply chain, which combines everything from design to component engineering to distribution. This, they say, allows them to constantly update their product.

In view of the expansion plans, the capital requirements of the Dutch company are currently high: in September 2020 VanMoof collected another 34 million euros from investors. The financing of the B-Series came a few months after a 12.5 million euro investment in May 2020. The new financing brings VanMoof’s total to 61 million euros.


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