May 17, 2021 - 02:45 pm

Siemens USA aims for carbon neutral fleet by 2030


In an effort of self-disclosure, Siemens USA announced plans to electrify its fleet in the United States by 2030. Referring to ongoing initiatives by the Biden-Harris administration, the company considers the reduction of fleet emissions a “key to our success”.

The Siemens fleet in the US comprises more than 10,000 vehicles, from sedans and service vans to light- and heavy-duty trucks. The German corporation lists several initiatives to reach said carbon neutrality within the decade. Apart from purchasing electric vehicles, these include training drivers on zero-idling and other energy-saving measures.

Siemens further wants to install charging infrastructure at the US facilities. The company last states its intent to partner with vehicle manufacturers “to speed the delivery of vehicles to mass market,” without adding details.

A more concrete example is Penske, a truck leasing company with more than 370,000 vehicles, which Siemens says relies on its EV charging technology as it continues to expand its heavy-duty electric vehicle charging network. Said charging equipment is delivered through Siemens Smart Infrastructure, a business unit that recently launched its first high power charger called Sicharge D.

Siemens is also part of The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative and ZETA, an industry-backed coalition advocating for national policies that will enable 100% electric vehicle sales by 2030. The company also points out the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance by Ceres that is helping companies accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and improve the policy landscape.

While Siemens has been most active in Europe and lately China, we have heard less from them in the USA to date. It appears likely that recent policies which call for cleaner transportation across America will give green activities a boost.

The Clean Transit For America Plan is in line with President Joe Biden starting his term by issuing an Executive Order to put climate change on top of the agenda. Announced in January, it included plans to replace the government’s approximately 645,000 vehicles nationwide by electric vehicles and that they would undertake a supply chain analysis for battery resources.

The Democrats have since followed up with the ‘CLEAN Future Act’ to achieve an emission-free economy by 2050 through measures in all sectors. For the transport sector, the bill envisages significant investments in electrification, as reported in March.

In April, the government announced a two-trillion-dollar plan to revamp the country’s infrastructure and deliver details on electrification a week after.


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