Jun 1, 2021 - 01:28 pm

Porsche considers smaller BEV for their third model


Porsche is apparently considering another electric model after the Taycan and the future electric Macan. According to a British media report, it will be a mid-size hatchback to compete with the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW i4.

The new model will use the PPE platform developed by Porsche and Audi. This would make it the second PPE Porsche after the electric Macan. According to the report, the sedan will be built together with the Macan at the Leipzig plant, pending a final decision.

Autocar suggests the name ‘Cajun’ as a possible model name. This name had already been discussed for the Macan in the past and stood for ‘Cayenne junior’; the smaller SUV under the well-known model. ‘Cajun’ as a name for a hatchback sedan would contradict this logic. Porsche was always rumoured to have plans for a smaller sedan model below the Panamera. This model, which never went into production, has already been dubbed ‘Pajun’ or ‘Panamera junior’ in the media.

Development partner Audi will build the Q6 e-tron in Ingolstadt as the first model based on the PPE. A saloon called the A6 e-tron is likely to follow later – Audi presented a near-production study at the Shanghai motor show in April. According to Autocar journalist Greg Kable, however, the smaller electric sedan from Porsche will be positioned below the A6 and will be more like an A4 e-tron. The starting price is said to be around 50,000 pounds, or the equivalent of 58,000 euros.

Autocar does not yet mention possible performance data for the ‘Cajun’ but speculates on a rear-wheel-drive with an electric motor and a two-motor all-wheel drive, which would be obvious in view of both the possibilities of the PPE and the model policy of the Zuffenhausen-based Taycan. Kable is also not yet giving any details about the battery.

Porsche announced in May that it would begin road tests of the electric Macan. The market launch is planned for 2023, a possible second electric model from Leipzig would start correspondingly later.



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