Jun 3, 2021 - 01:40 pm

Mellor expands electric bus range by two new models

British bus manufacturer Mellor has expanded its electric bus product range. The new models are named Orion E23 and Maxima E23, both feature the same 23 person capacity, but different battery capacities and ranges.

As new low-floor Orion E23 and new Maxima E23 both deliver 23-passenger capacities, this means both qualify for the government grants of up to £120 million in the Zero-Emission Buses Regional Area (ZEBRA) funding for the provision of up to 500 new, locally built, emissions-free buses. Orders for Orion E23 and new Maxima E23 are now being taken with deliveries expected to commence in summer 2021.

The Orion E23 features the above-mentioned 27 passenger capacity, and transport them using a 92 kWh battery. This makes for a 200 km range. The Maxima E23, on the other hand, features an 80 kWh battery capacity, which is only good for a 160 km range. It also bears mentioning that the different models have widely differing vehicle weights, as the Orion weighs in at 5,500 kg, while the Maxima weighs an impressive 7,200 kg.

“The market has driven our investment into developing our electric product range,” said Bus Division Managing Director at Woodall Nicholson, Mark Clissett, “and operators in particular have told us that they want Mellor electric buses in which to invest government funding. With significant investment, innovative engineering and a dedicated, highly-skilled team of designers, engineers and technicians, we can offer a zero-emissions solution on an already proven vehicle platform.”

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  1. joseph farley

    I would say by adding a cargo “Feeder” model(s), you could more than double your sales & add monumental efficiencies to the pursuit of efficient cargo & passenger throughput. The “Low Floor” design is a must, as are standardized, very fast on-off, (RFID/IoT) Roll carts, including non-motorized, cold-chain units, for upstream unitization & downstream selectivity, connecting endless “Trunk-Line-Feeder” vehicles & facitlities, of many functions.

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