Electrify America releases faster EV home charger


Electrify America’s charging equipment outlet, Electrify Home, announced that its fastest to-date Level 2 charger, HomeStation, is now on sale on its website for $649. The Volkswagen subsidiary specifies charge power at 9.6kW at 40 amps.

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Electrify American says that the HomeStation can charge electric cars almost seven times faster than a Level 1 charger. The new charger is also faster than the 2019-wall box. The latter featured a charging power of up to 7.6kW and cost $499.

The new charge power translates to up to 33 miles of range per hour while charging on the HomeStation. This is when opting for the strongest available charge power of 40 amps. Other options include 32 or 16 amps to help avoid potentially expensive upgrades to the home’s electrical panel, the company says.

The company also lists WiFi capabilities and a “sleek design” delivered by Italdesign. The WiFi connection allows users to sync the charger with the Electrify America app. That way, EV drivers may start, stop or schedule home charging sessions remotely and access charging status and reminders.

Owners may install the wall box themselves or choose from installation packages offered by a third-party service provider through the Electrify Home website as with previous offers. Installation prices begin at $695, with three options available.

The HomeStation includes a 3-year limited warranty on parts and 24-hour customer service via a dedicated telephone line.

Electrify America launched the Electrify Home business unit in September 2020. The offer essentially brings home (pun completely unavoidable) the company’s existing residential charging business previously made available through Amazon only.

Customers may also choose to purchase the new HomeStation wall box through Amazon for $649, subject to their shipping and return policies. Electrify Home also said that HomeStation would soon allow for integration with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.

Update 13 October 2021:

Electrify Canada has now also announced the introduction of Electrify Home, a new business unit offering home charging solutions. Electrify Home’s Level 2 residential EV charger HomeStation will now be launching now in autumn this year for CAN $1,099. The new charging point has adjustable charging power levels of up to 40 amps. The Volkswagen subsidiary points out that HomeStation can deliver charging speeds of up to 9.6kW, which they say is 6.8 times faster than on a Level 1 charger. This means capable vehicles can add up to 53 km of range per hour.

As described above, the residential charger is WiFi-enabled. Electrify Canada says the new app will allow users to conduct and schedule charging sessions remotely, view charging status, keep track of charging history and “interact seamlessly between Electrify Canada’s network of ultra-fast public charging stations and their HomeStation unit.”,, (update Canada)


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DC Christopher
10.06.2021 um 04:45
Hmm, my ChargePoint home charger (which has been on the market for at least a year) is charging at 48A (60A circuit) or 11kW.
AR John
11.06.2021 um 00:36
Agreed, ChargePoint Home Flex maxes out my new VW ID.4 at 11kW solid throughout the whole charge cycle. Nice!

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