Electrify America launch one-stop-shop Electrify Home


Electrify America launched a new business unit called Electrify Home. The new offer essentially brings home (there’s hardly a better way to say it) the company’s existing residential charging business they previously had made available through Amazon.

Electrify Home largely consists of a web store on Electrify America’s existing website where customers can shop the company’s Level 2 Home Charger. The Volkswagen subsidiary had launched the home charger last autumn. Since that introduction, customers would order the unit on Amazon.

Now Electrify America aims to streamline the process in a one-stop-shop approach that brings the purchase, installation, and subsequent customer support together on one website.

However, Electrify America has told the local portal InsideEVs that customers who prefer to buy through Amazon and handle the installation themselves will still have that option.

Nina Huesgen, senior manager, Home and eCommerce at Electrify America, still pointed out that they were looking “to expand our offerings in the home charging space, as we develop new product lines and services that will help further streamline EV ownership.”

For now, the Electrify America store online will handle the purchase and deliver the home charger to customers. If clients require help with the installation, Electrify America partner Qmerit will find a qualified electrician locally as before. (PI),


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