Aiways enters joint venture with CATL’s KBVIP

Chinese electric car manufacturer Aiways has entered into a joint venture agreement with CATL-backed KBVIP to build a network of more than 100 fast-charging stations across China.

Each of the stations, called ‘AI smart supercharge’,  will be able to generate and store solar power using a photovoltaic system. Users can also have the battery of their electric car checked during the charging process, and receive a test report within 20 minutes. The first of these fast-charging stations is scheduled to go into operation in September 2021 near the Aiways production facility in Shangrao.

Aiways will maintain 65% of the joint venture, which the manufacturer explains as part of  the company’s “mission to offer personal mobility solutions to customers and make EVs a viable choice for more people”.  Aiways also cites their work in the field of battery swapping technology to demonstrate its continued investment in innovative charging solutions.

“As the electric vehicle industry continues to boom, it is more important than ever to offer intelligent charging stations to our customers. We have made it our mission to make EVs more accessible to people considering going electric, and the AI smart supercharge stations are just one more example of this,” said Xiaoying Gu, Chief Operating Officer of Aiways, adding: “We are committed to continuously improving users’ EV experience and building a more sustainable future for personal mobility.”


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