Vattenfall & Cake to develop electric motorcycle


The energy company Vattenfall and the Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer Cake have signed a letter of intent to share expertise in their respective fields to develop “the first fossil-free electric motorcycle”.

The idea behind the collaboration is to combine “cross-scientific competencies” between Vattenfall and Cake, but the two companies will not limit themselves to their own skills, as they mention “specialists from outside” as they proceed “on the journey towards the fossil-free motorcycle”.

No information is given on what kind of technical specifications the bike will have, or what the difference between a “fossil-free” bike is and a regular electric motorcycle. Cake has been producing and selling electric motorbikes for several years now, while Vattenfall has been steadily investing in the field of EV charging. One could assume that Vattenfall will provide energy from renewable sources for Cake’s production, and it is implied that attention is to be paid to the rest of the supply chain’s CO2 footprint, but at this stage, the manufacturers are staying vague. What is certain, however, is that the companies state that the vehicle should be ready for series production in 2025.

“This collaboration is an excellent example of how we can contribute with fossil-free know-how and supply chain expertise in a specific product that drives towards zero emissions,” said Annika Ramsköld, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall.

“This truly empowers our ability to further inspire towards clean transportation, together with the amazing force of Vattenfall, their initiatives, know-how and clear targets”, added Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and Founder at Cake.


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