Atlis signs MoU with Elettricars for battery supply


Atlis Motor Vehicles announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Elettricars Motor Company, an Italian/American-based electric vehicle manufacturer, interested in purchasing Atlis’s battery packs and cells in bulk for installation into its lightweight electric vehicles.

For the agreement, Elettricars agreed to purchase 4,000 electric vehicle battery packs, complete with proprietary battery management and cooling systems, from Atlis by 2023. The timing is good for Atlis, who recently announced plans to set up a pilot battery production line at their facility in Arizona. This is a bit of a restructuring of the company, which has announced a battery-electric pickup, but also began offering their proprietary platform and battery systems to third parties. Whether Atlis will then refocus to become a supplier, or double down on their own vehicle production remains somewhat unclear.

“We began pilot production of the AMV battery cell and have started testing and validation,” said ATLIS founder and CEO Mark Hanchett. “As battery development is a core competency for ATLIS, we are actively securing partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers such as Elettricars to meet the growing demands of the electric vehicle industry.”

Elettricars is a start-up OEM, which is “committed to producing traction in their market segment with their electric vehicles”, according to the manufacturer. Elettricars is planning to launch in Italy next year and aims to expand into the United States, as they aim to create jobs and purchase batteries locally.


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