BMW launches iX and i4 configurator

BMW has opened the online configurator for its new electric models i4 and iX. Prices for the electric sedan start at £51,905, for the larger electric SUV iX at £69,905. BMW also offers pre-configured models for both series.

The pre-configured versions are intended to save customers the tedious process of putting together their model from the extensive price list. While some customers still prefer the individual configuration of their dream car, BMW also wants to appeal to those customers who prefer an extremely short surcharge list à la Tesla with the new offer.

For both the i4 and iX, the equipment options are called “Comfort”, “Technology” and “Ultimate”. The first two have the basic drive with a smaller battery, while “Ultimate” uses the more powerful drive.

For the i4, this means that “Comfort” includes options such as the laser light, Parking Assistant and Comfort Access, but costs at least £55,345. “Technology” (also still as i4 eDrive40), on the other hand, offers the M Sport package, Driving Assistant Professional and Parking Assistant Plus – for £64,255. The “Ultimate” in the i4 M50 costs at least £72,995, but offers a Harman Kardon sound system, sports seats and an electric glass roof.

In the iX, the packages are put together somewhat differently. “Comfort” (from £75,900 instead of £69,905 base price) already includes, among other things, Parking Assistant Plus, which is only available in the i4 with “Ultimate”. The medium pre-configured version of the electric SUV offers the Sports Package, the Panorama Glass Roof and the Warmth Comfort Package from £75,305. As the iX xDrive50, the “Ultimate” then offers the large battery with more than 100 KWh and 600 kilometres WLTP range. For £115,695 there is, in addition to the panoramic glass roof, the two-axle air suspension.

BMW had presented both vehicles in the series version at the beginning of June. The market launch of both series is planned for November. We have summarised the dimensions and technical data of the drive in these articles on the i4 and iX. In the UK, customers can also put the two models together; in the USA, only pre-orders are still possible at the moment.

In the United States, both models can still only be pre-ordered. (i4), (iX)


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