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Tesla pauses new Model S deliveries

Tesla has apparently temporarily halted deliveries of the new Model S that began in June. This was reported by several customers of the model. Fixed dates for the delivery of the Model S have been cancelled at short notice. The reason for this can only be speculated.

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Several media reports citing forum entries stated that the Californian company stopped further deliveries of the new Model S to customers about a fortnight ago. According to the portal Electrek, customers have been given different reasons by Tesla, but mostly it has been mentioned that there is a hold order for the Model S.

The latest production and delivery figures show that a total of 1,890 Model S were handed over in June. When the first 25 were handed over, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had talked about initially producing “a few hundred units” per week before ramping up production to 1,000 units per week in the third quarter. This would bring Tesla to over 12,000 Model S Plaid per quarter. Musk did not specify when the long-range version with two engines and the Model X with the two powertrains would be added. To date, nothing new is known about this.

What is clear, however, is that the Model S Plaid will be more expensive. Shortly before the first delivery in June, Tesla increased the price on the US website by 10,000 dollars to 130,000 dollars. The Model S Plaid has also become more expensive in the German configurator: Instead of 116,990 euros, Tesla is now calling for 126,990 euros.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that there will be no option for a regular steering wheel for the new Model S and Model X in addition to the ‘Yoke’ steering wheel without a circumferential steering wheel rim. The steering wheel presented by Tesla as part of the refresh of its Model S and Model X was initially thought by many to be a marketing stunt with no chance of realisation. However, as reported, it is actually eligible for registration in Europe.

Update 11.08.2021

After Tesla resumed deliveries of the Model S at the end of July, which had been interrupted in the meantime, there are again reports of delays, some of them massive. Tesla apologises for this, but continues to give no reasons. According to Electrek, some of the affected customers report a communication chaos – in some cases delivery dates were postponed without giving reasons, in others the vehicle identification number VIN, which had already been allocated, was removed from the order again.

In an email to customers, it says: “We are contacting you regarding the timing of your Model S delivery as we have recently updated your Tesla account to reflect the most accurate estimate. You may see a delay in terms of your delivery time.
We understand this may be disappointing and apologise for any inconvenience. Please continue to check your Tesla account for any changes to your schedule, which should be updated to reflect our best estimate.”

The portal Electrek, which is usually well informed when it comes to Tesla, makes the following assumption based on its own research and numerous conversations with Model S owners: Tesla is putting customers who ordered before the $10,000 price increase at a disadvantage when it comes to delivery, or is trying to pressure them into updating their orders and accepting the higher price. While customers who ordered at the current price are said to have already received their vehicle in some cases, customers who ordered the vehicle at a $10,000 lower price have had their delivery date postponed. “Several buyers” have also confirmed that Tesla has offered to deliver their vehicles this month if they update their orders and accept the $10,000 higher price.

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    They are contractually obligated to deliver at the contractually agreed price. Time is of the essence is what I would say to them at this point in the proceedings.

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