Octopus Energy & Sureserve score fleet charging deal


The Sureserve Group, a compliance and energy service provider, has partnered with Octopus Energy to transition 600 business vehicles to electric in the next three years.

Sureserve employees will be offered home charging installations and the option to switch to an Octopus Energy smart tariff as part of the three-year contract. The tariff will enable Sureserve’s vans and company cars to charge when there is more green energy on the grid. Sureserve estimates this will provide six hours of super plunge pricing overnight, saving 73% compared to domestic energy tariff options in the market.

Octopus will provide Sureserve with access to the Electric Juice Network, Octopus’ roaming platform that the company claims allows fleets to access thousands of charge points across the country, all through one app, card, and simplified bill.

Sureserve’s fleet managers will be given a fleet dashboard platform by Octopus. It consolidates the cost of charging on the workplace, home and public chargers. In addition, it can send payments through payroll back to the driver so that Sureserve can reimburse drivers for the business miles they are doing.

Peter Smith, Interim Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Sureserve, said: “We continue to enjoy a fantastic partnership with Octopus when it comes to the Group’s energy needs.” As reported in our newsletter, Sureserve had added 30 all-electric Citroën ë-Dispatch vans to its LCV fleet in July.

Sureserve was introduced to Octopus Energy via its Future Mobility Offering with NatWest Group. Any NatWest Group business or personal customer can access finance packages to use the firm’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Octopus Energy had launched its roaming charging service, the Electric Juice Network, in May 2020, as reported, first adding the network. EJN now includes a third of the markets charge point networks, including Ionity, and most recently Mer,  according to the company’s statements.

Since launching in January 2018 as part of Octopus Energy Group, Octopus Energy for Business says it has accrued over 30,000 customers, from SMEs to Arsenal FC, supplying them with 100% renewable power.


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