Brose heralds new thermal management system for IAA

The supplier Brose has announced that it will be presenting a holistic system for thermal management at the IAA Mobility in Munich. This is intended to actively control the heat distribution in the car and significantly increase the efficiency of electric vehicles.

Brose does not yet provide details of the solution, but did give some initial key data. The system is supposed to increase the range of an electric car by up to 15 per cent. With a basic range of 400 kilometres, that would be an additional 60 kilometres, as Brose calculates – but the exact circumstances under which the 15 per cent range increase can be achieved are, as mentioned, not mentioned.

“Currently around a third of motorists worldwide say they are reluctant to buy an electric vehicle because they are concerned the range is too short. For this reason we have expanded our expertise in electric climate compressors to include complete thermal subsystems,” says Raymond Mutz, executive vice president drives at the Brose Group. “We hope to make an important contribution to the acceptance of e-mobility with our thermal management system.”

Brose supplies the new thermal systems in the form of compact, pre-tested modules. These contain all the necessary components from the heat pump to the coolant distributor and are said to be easy to assemble. Since all components of the module are precisely matched to each other, the unit is said to work particularly efficiently.

Optionally, the system can also be supplied with a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit. Since the maintenance-free system is already filled with refrigerant during production at Brose, it can be installed directly during vehicle assembly at the car manufacturer – without handling refrigerant. This should reduce costs and speed up production. In addition, according to Brose, the modules will enable the use of natural refrigerants such as propane.

Brose will be exhibiting the thermal management system at the IAA Mobility (7-12 September) in Hall B1 at Stand B60. In the Hofgarten at Odeonsplatz at booth HG500, interested visitors can ride e-bikes with Brose drives on a test track.


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