Marquardt reveals EV & charging locking system

Mechatronics specialist Marquardt has developed a new locking system called E-Lock to improve the safe charging process of vehicles with electric or plug-in hybrid drives.

Marquardt says that the modular design of the E-Lock product platform allows individual adaptations to the requirements of vehicle manufacturers, also in the scope of functions and in the integration in the vehicle. Thanks to its small size, the integration itself should be possible even in the tightest of spaces – both in electric cars, electric trucks or electric buses, but also at AC charging stations.

The core of the E-Lock is a “robust high-end gearbox”, which is not only noticeably quieter when locking the charging plug, but also conveys “value and safety”, as Marquardt puts it. The system can detect up to five positions of the lock bolt and can thus reliably detect misalignments caused by dirt, ice or deformations on the charging plug more precisely than before.

The charging plug lock is clear has the task of securing the cable against unintentional disconnection to prevent malfunctions and damage to the system or people while electricity is flowing.  For AC charging cables the charging plug lock also prevents theft.

According to the manufacturer, the E-Lock should guarantee 60,000 locking cycles; after prior technical coordination, up to 100,000 locking cycles should also be possible.


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