Ampcontrol & PPK develop electric underground mining vehicles

A new collaboration between the two Australian manufacturing and technology companies Ampcontrol and PPK Mining Equipment is set to deliver a range of new battery-electric vehicle solutions for underground mining applications. The two will install Ampcontrol’s electric drive systems into PPK personnel carriers.

The partnership will also include retrofitting diesel drive trains in a range of other vehicles manufactured by PPKME, such as the ‘COALTRAM’ flameproof and explosion-protected diesel LHD utility vehicle.

“Our new BEV technology lets our partners and customers power their existing equipment, converting from diesel to battery-electric energy, and new vehicles under development with a solution where safety and efficiency are absolutely paramount,” explained Ampcontrol Managing Director & CEO Rod Henderson.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to combine our respective industry expertise to introduce the first new Australian designed and built battery-electric personnel carrier vehicle for the underground coal industry,” said PPKME Global Head of Mining Dale McNamara. “Expanding our relationship to install Ampcontrol BEV technology into our COALTRAM utility vehicles will substantially benefit our customers and employees by developing new vehicles for all underground mines.”

Australia is the world’s second-largest exporter of coal, but also a big producer of cobalt, lithium and nickel.  Australian fast-charger specialist Tritium has also redesigned a DC fast charger for mining operations.

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