Bye Aerospace to deliver three electric aircraft to Reykjavik

US manufacturer Bye Aerospace announces another order for its electric aircraft. The Reykjavik Flight Academy has signed a contract for the purchase of three all-electric eFlyer training aircraft.

The three aircraft are two, two-seater eFlyer 2 and one four-seater eFlyer 4. In addition, the manufacturer and the Reykjavik Flight Academy are negotiating an agreement on the option to purchase two more eFlyer aircraft. The aircraft will be manufactured in the USA.

The eFlyers ordered are two- and four-seater small aircraft. They have a conventional centrally mounted propeller, which is, however, electrically powered. The eFlyer 2 is to be used in basic training, the eFlyer 4 will be flown by advanced student pilots.

The Colorado-based manufacturer had already booked three major orders some time ago from Quantum Air for 26 e-small aircraft, from OSM Aviation for 60 and from BlackBird for 110 e-Flyer units. Bye Aerospace is also working on an eight- to nine-seat electric aircraft called the eFlyer 800. A month ago, the company already announced two orders for this larger electric aircraft – both of which have already been deposited with deposits. The clients are Skye Aviation and the German company Rheinland Air Service.

The aircraft is said to be capable of speeds of up to 320 knots (593 km/h) and can fly up to 500 nautical miles (926 kilometres) on one battery charge (at a cruising speed of 280 knots/519 km/h) – plus 45 minutes IFR reserve. The French technology group Safran is also involved in the development. However, it was also announced in April that the eFlyer would use 800 lithium-sulphur cells from Oxis Energy but Oxis has since gone bankrupt and is to be wound up.


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